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Yousician Distinguished Educators (YDE) are experienced teachers who successfully use Yousician with their students. We recognize their outstanding performances in going the extra mile to make the world a more musical place.

YDEs act as mentors to educators seeking advice how to get the most out of Yousician. They share tips & tricks, ideas for lessons, how to best use Yousician in group and private lessons, and more.

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Meet the Distinguished Educators

Krassi has been a full-time guitar teacher for 7 years. Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, Krassi is trained in classical guitar as well as jazz and pop. He started playing classical guitar at age 13, and has taught pupils in schools, academies and privately around the world.


During his long practice as an artist Krassi has acquired extensive experience in the styles of rock, blues, acoustic, gypsy jazz and more. Currently at the Brooklyn Melodies Music Center in Dubai, he teaches both with ABRSM and Rockschool education systems using Yousician to motivate and engage his students.


In his spare time, Krassi enjoys composing tunes in jazz, ethno & classical music. Twice a year he enjoys traveling somewhere high up in the mountains to enjoy to the nature - without mobile phone and internet.


You can reach Krassi on Skype or via email.

Krassi Jeliazkov of Brooklyn Melodies Music Center  (Dubai, UAE)

Juan is a true pioneer in gamified guitar lessons. He is the founder of Guitar Starz Club, a music school built entirely on Yousician educating 150+ students. Affectionately known as Mister V. by his students, special performances and achievements are rewarded with the exclusive "Mister V. Special Edition guitar pick".


When not teaching guitar, you can find Juan in his studio recording soundtracks for radio, TV and video games. He loves spending time with his family, and he is master chef at the BBQ.


You can reach Juan on Twitter, Skype or via email.


Juan Valencia of Guitar Starz Club  (Toronto, Canada)

Matt has been a full-time guitar teacher for 15 years in Chelmsford, UK. He has taught hundreds of pupils in schools, academies and privately. Having seen first hand the many benefits Yousician provides to his students, he is excited to help other educators experience the same. He plays bass in ‘Lemoncurd Kids’, and is guitarist and musical director of local charity band.


When he is not busy playing the guitar he enjoys watching other people playing the guitar and talking about playing guitar. He also assists in running an annual awards event which celebrates the local music scene.


You can reach Matt on Twitter or Skype.

Matt Poole  (Chelmsford, United Kingdom)

Natasha is a general music teacher at the Deal School. Deal School is made up of students grades K-8. Students in 4th-8th grade participate in general music. They also receive 14 weeks of guitar or ukulele instruction. Natasha has been playing piano since age 7, plays clarinet and now thanks to Yousician enjoys improving her guitar and ukulele skills.

Her goal is for her students to experience a deeper appreciation of music. Yousician has transformed her classroom teaching already. Her approximately 100 students are all very enthusiastic about the program and love practicing and performing with Yousician. Natasha is very active spreading the joy of music with her students, inspiring fellow teachers presenting at music educator conferences in the U.S., and as a Yousician Distinguished Educator.

Outside of teaching Natasha enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, watching or playing sports and attending musicals, opera and symphony performances.

You can reach Natasha on Twitter or via email.

Natasha Bloomquist of the Deal School  (New Jersey, United States)

Adam is the principal guitar teacher and owner of Roach Music School in Melbourne, Australia. Adam started playing guitar at age 9 and has over 25 years of experience teaching. He also plays and teaches piano, drums, bass and ukulele.


When he is not busy playing the guitar he enjoys spending time doing Muay Thai kickboxing and with his family, who are also musicians.


You can reach Adam on Facebook, Skype or via email.

Adam Roach of Roach Music School  (Melbourne, Australia)

Why is there a Yousician Distinguished Educators Program?

The Yousician Distinguished Educators program exists for two reasons:

  1. To give credit where credit is due. Teachers are incredibly hard working and carry a huge responsibility. We recognize the relentless drive of the best music educators around.
  2. To help spread the knowledge. When students start learning, they teach each other. And the same is true for educators. We can all learn from each other.

The feedback and input from YDEs is crucial to us at Yousician making it a better teaching tool. And other teachers can benefit from the learnings and experience of YDEs as well.


Don’t be shy and connect you with a Yousician Distinguished Educator. Get started with Yousician as a teaching tool, get the support you need for your first lesson with Yousician, or learn how to push the envelope of education in the 21st century with technology.

Yousician is a versatile and open platform used to teach all types of musical subjects. There is no limit to what students can learn with the app. As an educator you can use the built-in syllabi and exercises. Or you can import your own library of material.


Jonathan Reichert  (Vancouver, Canada)

Jonathan is a working musician and teacher in and around Vancouver BC. He teaches a select group of students from his house, as well as a large number of students at a private-lesson facility known as the School of Music and Dance in Langley BC.

Trained as a classical pianist since age 6, he plays the saxophone, bass, drums, and the guitar. Battling for the top spots in Yousician's Weekly Challenges, he says "Yousician has greatly improved my playing, as well as my ability to share music with new players who might be lacking motivation in the beginning. A lot of the classics which are taught on the guitar, have become old enough that the newest generation of students is not familiar with them. So, what better time to introduce them to new music from around the world by working through Yousician's broad spectrum of music styles and genres!"

Jonathan loves exploring the outdoors, surfing the icy waters of British Columbia, drone racing, flying long distance RC airplanes and skate boarding.


You can reach Jonathan via Facebook or follow his lessons and gold star runs of Yousician songs on YouTube.

Alexandre Saes  (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Alexandre is teaching music since 1995. He is giving private lessons in guitar, and plays in Vida Reluz, the well known band in Brazil.

As the founder of Saes Cia Das Artes, he is  teaching a wide range of students, including those with financial difficulties, giving them the opportunity to learn with technology. It's very important for his students that they not only perform songs, but that their technique develops without forcing their hands.

Alexandre loves to  spend time with his family, having a great time and see his children laugh, watch movies and eat pop corn with his kids.

You can reach Alexandre best on Facebook or Skype alexvidareluz.

Tommi Aitala  (Rauma, Finland)

Tommi has been teaching full-time since 1994 and his guitar lessons are tailored for each student. At the moment he's working at Rauman Musiikkikoulu, Rock Academy Finland and University of Turku. With a background in electrical engineering and an urge to develop sound he is constantly experimenting with acoustics, electrics and building instruments. Tommi is using Yousician in many different teaching contexts and a great source of ideas for how to further improve Yousician for educators.

Tommi is also a passionate fan of sports, international cuisine, nature and travelling: "Life is an adventure!"

You can reach Tommi on Facebook or via email.

Gabrielle Johnson  (Sydney, Australia)

Gabrielle started playing guitar at age 9 and began teaching guitar when she was in high school. She returned to guitar teaching in 2006 after a career in graphic design. She holds a Specialist Music Certificate from Berklee College of Music in the US and is dedicated to all her students and extremely passionate about music education for children. She currently runs Gabrielle Johnson Music - guitar and singing classes - and has a studio of around 50 guitar and singing students.

In her spare time, Gabrielle loves to spend time with her family, singing with her sisters and going for long walks with her husband and toy poodle, Milly.

You can best reach Gabrielle via Facebook.