Join us on our mission to make musicality as common as literacy

Yousician is the best way to teach, learn and play a musical instrument. Yousician is also the teacher's aide to keep students engaged, practicing at home and having fun. Use our expert designed syllabus or create your own exercises.

Make Learning Fun

Gamified education makes learning and practicing fun

Engaging and rewarding for all skill levels and playing styles

Motivate students with stars, high scores, challenges and more

Build Real Skills

Designed to develop real-world musical skills

Students play along with awesome music to improve rhythm, accuracy and musicality

Constant feedback and repetition builds reading, vocabulary and mastery

Teach The Way You Want

Use our build-in world class syllabi: modern, functional and fun

Create your own exercises to give students exactly what you need

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Featured Case Study

Learn how Yousician changed the way Juan teaches at his music school Guitar Starz Club.

Distinguished Educators

Yousician Distinguished Educators

Meet the Distinguished Educators, experienced teachers successfully using Yousician with their students and mentoring other educators. Learn how to get the most out of Yousician, tips & tricks, and ideas for lessons. Learn more.

Parents & Children

Happy Parents of Advancing Students

We are humbled by the amazing feedback from parents whose children are learning with teachers that include Yousician in their lessons.

Practice time goes up. Student retention goes up. Progress becomes the norm.

Teaching is so rewarding when students are truly enjoying their lessons, making constant progress, and their parents can see the difference.

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"Results is what really convinced me."